Shenanigans is a chaotic party board game for you and your friends, where anyone and anything can change the course of the game at will.

Hayforks included!

Are you tired of losing board games because those damn rules get in your way?

Leave your hayfork in the stables, there's no need to! Instead unleash the Shenanigans and go haywire by changing the rules of the game in your favor.

Combine arbitrary events and actions to create new rules or simply remove the ones you don't like! Set up traps for your opponents and try to secure your victory by all means. Or just make it your mission to cause total chaos!

After all, there are no rules.

Be yourself – or don't. Be anything you like.

The in-game character editor allows you to design your character completely freely. Choose a body shape and one of the many predefined skins or create your own, just the way you like it!

Additionally, Shenanigans allows you to embellish your character with many accessories. Of course, these can also be tinted at will to perfectly match the colors of your skin.

Do you feel different today? No worries! Create an almost unlimited number of different characters and switch between them spontaneously with just a few clicks.

You might want to have an ace up your sleeve.

Hand cards are the heart of Shenanigans. With these cards, players can perform any action, add, remove, or tweak the rules of the game to their liking.

By combining any event and action cards into new rules, players' fortunes can shift entirely with each passing turn. Chain multiple rules with each other to unleash pure chaos.

Collect cards and use them to gain the perfect advantage or simply wreak havoc on your fellow players.

Pretty handy, huh?

Experience (or rather cause) the Shenanigans on two boards.



Shenanigans is now available on Steam as Early Access

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